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Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Perfect OOTDs with Second-Hand Clothes

July 4, 2022

The internet is always on the lookout for the perfect outfit of the day (OOTD) ever  since the advent of Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Back in 2016 when hashtags were all the  rage, popular fashion bloggers and netizens used to post the outfits they wore on a particular  day with the hashtag #OOTD. Somehow this viral hashtag stood the test of time and is ever  so popular even today. But the real question is can we ace our OOTDs with pre-loved  clothes? The answer is yes. Let’s find out how. 

Keep it Simple 

The best way to look sophisticated is o keep it simple. It is high time that we bid adieu  to overconsumption and embraced minimalism. A good pair of vintage jeans from Calvin  Klein, Levi Strauss or Tommy Hilfiger paired with a classy retro t-shirt or vintage jacket is a  safe and simple option on days you are confused about what to wear. 

Mix and Match 

It is important to keep an open mind when it comes to fashion. Mixing and matching  various clothes will let you come up with numerous looks with a few outfits at hand. Mixing  your vintage blouses and tops with a new pair of jeans and sneakers can totally elevate your  look. 

Invest in Timeless Pieces 

Some wardrobe staples never go out of fashion. Invest your money in those unique  pieces that never lose their value. A retro Harley Davidson t-shirt or a vintage Ralph Lauren  jacket can knock it out of the park any day when it comes to OOTDs. Stand apart from the  crowd with the help of timeless classics. 

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Wardrobe Organisation Ideas to Keep Your Clothes Sorted

June 25, 2022

The unending dilemma of choosing an outfit for the day keeps everyone stumped on busy mornings. One way to avoid confusion is to organise the wardrobe properly so that it’s easier to choose clothes. Not only does it save time but organising the wardrobe will also
prevent you from unnecessarily spending money on clothes by making it easier to keep track of the outfits that you own. Here are some tips to keep your wardrobe tidy.

Monthly Decluttering

It is always a good idea to clean and declutter the closet every month. Especially if you are a person whose wardrobe consists of a lot of secondhand clothes and, the monthly decluttering will help to keep an eye on its wear and tear. Sometimes all you need is a good stitch on time or a good dry cleaning to save the outfit.

Keep, Toss, Sell

Try to hold onto those outfits that you absolutely love like vintage blouses, tops and dresses. Get rid of the things that no longer fit you or are beyond salvage. Buying second-hand clothes will make it easier for you to toss the clothes because you can be sure that you got the maximum value out of that outfit. Tossing does not always mean discarding the outfit. You can sell your gently used branded clothes to thrift shops and thereby keep the tradition of thrifting alive.

Invest in Organisation Tools

It is always a good idea to buy colour-coded hangers, closet organisers, hooks and racks to keep your closet looking neat. You can organise the outfits by categories like vintage, thrifted and retro clothes. If you are someone with a large collection of vintage t-shirts, you have the option of organising them by their brand, colour or usage. Pick an organisation system that best suits your needs.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Fashion Sustainable

June 18, 2022

Our lifestyle choices severely impact the well-being of our planet and its resources. Sustainable living means that you are making deliberate positive choices that reduce your carbon footprint and thereby living a life aimed at the greater good of our world. One of the primary steps to achieving that is to reduce your consumption of clothing and embrace ethical and sustainable fashion. Here are four tips to keep your fashion sustainable.

No Shame in Repeating

Toxic celebrity culture and the rise of social media have convinced us over the years that repeating outfits is a sign of your poor economic status. There is absolutely nothing wrong with repeating outfits. Buy less and make the best out of what you already have.

Buy Second-hand and Vintage Clothes

Spend your money wisely on vintage dresses, blouses, tops, sweaters, t-shirts and jackets to reduce the use of resources without compromising on your style quotient. Retro Ralph Lauren and vintage Harley Davidson clothes can help keep your fashion sustainable if
you purchase them from thrift fashion stores.

Knowledge is Power

Keep yourself informed about the business practices of top brands for a guilt-free shopping experience. Brands like Reebok, Adidas, Levis and Tommy Hilfiger may not be the most sustainable brands out there but you can make up for it by purchasing preloved clothes
from these companies. Many of them have sustainable fashion lines nowadays.

Sharing is Caring

Always donate the clothes you are not using to pass them on to those who need them. That Fruit of the Loom Beatles t-shirt that you have lying around may have the right takers who will choose not to buy something new for the sake of the planet. So, pay it forward by
donating your clothes.

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