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How to Style your Vintage T-shirts Like a Celebrity

September 23, 2022

Fashion is one of the best ways to relive the glory of past eras. Whether you want to experience the glitz and glamour of the 1920s or the flamboyance of the 80s, there may not be a better medium than vintage clothes that can transport you to another time. Among the most sought-after vintage apparels, classic vintage t-shirts have always been a celeb favourite. Here are some tips to style your secondhand vintage t-shirts inspired by celebrity fashion:

Vintage meets vintage

While many vintage t-shirts can make a statement without the help of any other accessories, pairing them with another vintage item like a blazer or a jacket can sometimes elevate your look. Pop singer Rihanna has been seen spotted wearing vintage leather jackets over her vintage t-shirts multiple times. Vintage denim jackets or oversized blazers can also complete your look.

Make it into a dress!

Vintage dresses can be expensive depending on the material and the brand. Here vintage t-shirts can come to our rescue as they can be made into a dress. This trend of using oversized vintage t-shirts as a dress has been sported by none other than models like Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Throwing some stockings and boots into the mix can take your
outfit to the next level.

Add a tinge of modern

A vintage look with a hint of modern is the way to go for people who wants the best of both worlds. For this, you can pair your vintage t-shirts with modern ripped jeans, shorts or skirts. Some celebrities have even sported avant-garde looks like wearing a vintage t-shirt over modern cocktail dresses. Celebrity-inspired or not, in the end, all that matters is that you are having fun with your fashion.

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Effortlessly Stylish: The Ultimate Thrift Checklist for Men

August 22, 2022

Fashion is often reductively seen as an area of interest for women while men are perceived to be indifferent to the allure of fancy clothing. Apart from glamorous red carpets of global film industries and formal meeting rooms of the corporate world, it is rare to see men putting serious thoughts into their outfits. A major reason is that it is often expensive to look fashionable daily. But it is possible to look stylish every day under the budget if you thrift some classy basics.

Formal Shirts Forever

Formal shirts can save your day in case of fashion emergencies. It is an everyday essential for men that are useful as office wear as well as makes them look effortlessly stylish. Second-hand shirts from major fashion brands can be found at almost all thrift stores. Buying a pre-loved formal shirt is the ultimate way to stay trendy and thrifty.

Retro and Vintage T-shirts

Once in a while, all men should tread into the fashion unknown and try something other than their usual shirts and tailored pants. Embracing fashionable prints and going for bold looks with the help of retro and vintage t-shirts will make your tyle edgy for a change.

For the Love of Hoodie!

Hoodies are the ultimate comfort wear for men than can be used to look dapper if you pair them with the right types of denim. Styling activewear and casual outfits like a hoodie are back in trend due to the pop culture influence and celebrity fashion choices. So, no more shame in wearing hoodies as your go-to outfit choice. But they can be quite pricey if you buy them new. Second-hand hoodies will save you money and keep you looking fleek!

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Keep Thrifting and Stay Trendy: Top Style Ideas to Thrift This Year

July 12, 2022
secondhandclothes UAE

Gone are the days when fashion trends were dictated by fast fashion companies only. Nowadays, the latest and the greatest style ideas are born on Pinterest boards and TikTok videos using sustainable clothes. It is possible to stay trendy in all seasons using thrifted clothes if you can get your hands on the right clothes. Here are some trendy styles to shop for at the thrift store to keep up with the trend bandwagon.

Jackets are Eternal

Trends will come and go but jackets will always stay in style. Its appearance and material may differ but it’s a staple in the wardrobes of all fashion enthusiasts. Jackets are versatile as you can dress them up as well as dress them down. From vintage denim jackets to western jackets with fringe, it is an outfit that can be a saving grace during fashion emergencies.

Crochet is Cool

Crochet tops are one of the top trendiest outfits among Gen Z this year. This bohemian chic trend is not only limited to women’s tops but there are crochet bucket hats, crochet cardigans and even bags trending on fashion blogs and Instagram reels. This is a classy trend that you should get on board with.

Splash of Colour with Retro

Adding just a pop of colour with a t-shirt or a sweater while keeping the rest of your outfit neutral is a great way to bring your style alive. A colourful retro t-shirt is a great choice if you are into this trend. Second-hand t-shirts from brands like Harley Davidson, Nike and Levis will not only add oomph to your style but also save your money.

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