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For a Better Tomorrow: Saving the Environment with Second-hand Clothes

September 3, 2022

It is a well-known fact that fast fashion is killing our planet slowly by polluting our natural resources, creating landfill waste and increasing the emission of greenhouse gases. Embracing sustainable living by always shopping for second-hand clothes is a small but effective way to put an end to the reign of fast fashion. Here are a few remarkable ways in
which preloved clothes keep your fashion echo friendly.

No more textile waste!

Buying second-hand clothes will tremendously extend the life of an outfit and prevent tons of fabric from turning into textile waste. Every classy second-hand outfit in your wardrobe has played a small role in keeping our environment clean and trash-free. Retro clothes are freshly created and updated copies of older garments and styles. Opting for
thrift retro t-shirts and dresses can significantly reduce the fabric waste that we contribute to the environment.

Promotes sustainable living.

Giving up on fast fashion and switching to second-hand fashion will make your lifestyle more sustainable and minimalist. It will also encourage other people to follow the same. Everything from trendy retro t-shirts to branded jeans and designer vintage dresses can be bought online nowadays. All you need to look stylish, sophisticated and be kind to our planet is available at your fingertips. This easy accessibility without compromising on quality will attract more people to wear second-hand clothes.

Make our lives carbon neutral.

Getting easy access to second-hand branded clothes will persuade more people to buy second-hand garments. It will not only benefit us in improving our spending on clothes but also help reduce our carbon footprint. Be it activewear, swimwear, nightwear, or even retro and vintage outfits, making second-hand clothes your first choice will seriously have the power to influence others around you and together we all can create a carbon-neutral future.

Fashion Rerun always strives to keep it fashionable and environmentally friendly! Come check out our collection.

Retro clothes secondhandwomenclothes vintage clothing

Three Wardrobe Essentials You Must Thrift at All Costs!

August 12, 2022

We can create the trendiest and the most stylish wardrobe with the help of pre-loved clothes. In fact, there are some clothing essentials that you must only shop secondhand and never buy new. Not only does it save you a ton of money but most of the time no one can tell that you are wearing a second-hand piece. Let’s find out the wardrobe staples that one must always thrift.

Anything Denim!

A good quality denim outfit will last you a lifetime whether it is jeans, jackets or other items. You can find vintage denim jackets and jeans as good as new ones from most of the thrift stores around you. Sometimes brands reject a piece of clothing because of minor defects and the majority of those pieces end up in secondhand clothing stores. So always thrift denim and never buy them fresh out of the shop.

Graphic Tees and Retro T-shirts

Thrift stores are the best place to find t-shirts that are unique and not another mass- produced copy that you find at fast fashion retail stores. Many retro t-shirts that you buy second-hand are cost-effective and amp up your style quotient without too much effort. Harley Davidson, Fruit of the Loom and Gilden have retro t-shirts that perfectly fit the Gen Z aesthetic.

Button-downs and Jackets

It is rare to walk into a thrift store and not find racks and racks of white button-downs and a variety of jackets. Designer shirts and jackets that are of premium quality are almost always available at any standard second-hand clothing store. Buying them new is a bad financial decision as many a time we save designer outfits for rare occasions and hardly ever wear them. So, it’s perfect if you could thrift them.

Fashion Rerun is the place to be if you want to find unique second-hand outfits. Come and check out our collection.

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Keep Thrifting and Stay Trendy: Top Style Ideas to Thrift This Year

July 12, 2022
secondhandclothes UAE

Gone are the days when fashion trends were dictated by fast fashion companies only. Nowadays, the latest and the greatest style ideas are born on Pinterest boards and TikTok videos using sustainable clothes. It is possible to stay trendy in all seasons using thrifted clothes if you can get your hands on the right clothes. Here are some trendy styles to shop for at the thrift store to keep up with the trend bandwagon.

Jackets are Eternal

Trends will come and go but jackets will always stay in style. Its appearance and material may differ but it’s a staple in the wardrobes of all fashion enthusiasts. Jackets are versatile as you can dress them up as well as dress them down. From vintage denim jackets to western jackets with fringe, it is an outfit that can be a saving grace during fashion emergencies.

Crochet is Cool

Crochet tops are one of the top trendiest outfits among Gen Z this year. This bohemian chic trend is not only limited to women’s tops but there are crochet bucket hats, crochet cardigans and even bags trending on fashion blogs and Instagram reels. This is a classy trend that you should get on board with.

Splash of Colour with Retro

Adding just a pop of colour with a t-shirt or a sweater while keeping the rest of your outfit neutral is a great way to bring your style alive. A colourful retro t-shirt is a great choice if you are into this trend. Second-hand t-shirts from brands like Harley Davidson, Nike and Levis will not only add oomph to your style but also save your money.

Fashion Rerun has an eclectic collection of clothes belonging to all the trends mentioned above. Take a peek at our website and shop to your heart’s content.