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Being Loud and Proud: 3 Reasons Why NASCAR Jackets and Tshirts are Still Popular

October 25, 2022

Subtlety takes a backseat when it comes to NASCAR fashion. If your style is bold, loud and colourful, then you do not need to look further than NASCAR apparel. Though it was in the early 2000s that NASCAR t-shirts and jackets started taking over the fashion  world, they became a part of sustainable fashion with the rise of thrift stores. Originally
popularised by celebrities, mainly rappers like Pharrell Williams, NASCAR clothing is still bought by fans and others alike. Buying them second-hand made it possible for many of them to own their favourite brand without breaking the bank. Let’s find out why this over-the-top brand is loved by everyone.

There is nothing like a NASCAR t-shirt with its flashy logos and daring prints. These t-shirts are not for the faint-hearted and attract people who want to express themselves and stand apart from the crowd. The clothing is so idiosyncratic that you can love it or hate it but you just can’t avoid it.

Streetwear Aesthetics
Rappers were the first ones to put NASCAR t-shirts and jackets in the public eye for the people who didn’t watch the car races. Because of that the lovers of urban fashion and streetwear wholeheartedly embraced NASCAR outfits. The aesthetics of NASCAR jackets.  is very similar to the streetwear fashion that is often featured in rap music videos.

Celebrity Influence
NASCAR outfits are equally loved by high fashion and were featured in multiple runway shows. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna and Kaia Gerber have been seen sporting NASCAR t-shirts and jackets. Hence, it has created a fanbase for the brand among the Instagram crowd and Gen Z.

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Fashion Rerun’s Guide to Finding Authentic Vintage Carhartt Outfits

October 19, 2022

When it comes to work wear, Carhartt has been a brand name synonymous with quality and durability since 1889. Over the years, they have expanded their market to streetwear and high fashion as well. Shopping for second-hand Carhartt outfits is worth every single penny as all their clothes are designed to last for a long time. Classic Carhartt overalls,
jeans and jackets can stand the wear and tear as they were originally designed for blue-collar workers. Finding authentic vintage Carhartt outfits is therefore a steal deal if you could get your hands on one. Here are some tips to spot the real Carhartt!

Check the Logo

The classic yellow Carhartt logo shaped like a ‘C’ made its presence known for the first time in 1966. Real Carhartt outfit logos will have dense stitching and they will match with any other visible logos on the same outfit. Other recognisable and authentic Carhartt logos include the first Car plus ‘Heart’ logo, the Hamilton Carhartt Company logo, the Script logo, the Carhartt Headlight Finck logo etc. A keen eye can tell you whether the outfit is authentic or not from the logo itself.

Good Quality Tags

Carhartt exudes quality in every minute detail about their outfit. The tags stitched into the outfit will be made of good-quality fabric. It will have clear prints that do not bleed into the other side. There are date codes on the tags of authentic vintage Carhartt clothing where the first two digits denote the month and the last two digits indicate the year in which the outfit was made. Detailed care and composition information, and sometimes details about the distributor are present in the tags.

Look Out for Sturdiness

As Carhartt outfits were originally designed for working-class people, they are sturdy and tough. Everything from the zipper, buttons and rivets used on the jackets, jeans, shirts etc will be strong and well-made.

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How to Master the Art of Y2k Fashion

September 13, 2022

Y2K fashion took over our lives by storm back in the 2000s. Pop culture and consumerism were the major influences on fashion at that time. So, in a nutshell, Y2K fashion was the exact opposite of sustainability and conscious clothing. Ironically, the Y2K fashion trends are being revived by one of the most eco-conscious generations and the biggest proponents of secondhand shopping—Gen Z. Luckily for them many iconic outfits from that time can be bought second-hand or thrifted from the stores. Here are some tips to reinvent your Y2K fashion aesthetics through inexpensive yet authentic pieces of that era.

Dust off your denim

Though Y2K fashion is known for its infamous low-rise jeans, wide-leg denim was making a statement during that time too. Modern-day Y2K fashion enthusiasts are bringing back the wide-leg denim which looks equally cute with bucket hats and crop tops alike. If you are feeling a little too brave, you can also shop for pre-loved original Y2K low-rise and
boot-cut jeans as well.

It’s a go for Velour

Velvet Velour track sets were all the rage during the 2000s. All the celebrities were wearing them and it became a fashion phenomenon. Activewear is still in trend decades later. Buying them second-hand is the best way to stay fashionable and sustainable at the same time.

Unique urban wear

Be it retro jerseys or graphic t-shirts, urban wear with funky prints had a place of its own in the Y2K fashion hall of fame. Many famous rappers and boy bands had brands of their own which resulted in the popularity of those t-shirts. Today, we can buy retro and vintage t-shirts of that era from any major secondhand clothing store and relive the glory of Y2K fashion.

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