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Be Your Unique Self: How to Feel Confident in Your Fashion Choices

May 6, 2022

Fashion is a great self-esteem booster if you know how to play your cards right. Flattering clothes can instantly improve your mood and make you feel confident about yourself. For a lot of people, fashion is a means to channel their inner emotions and a
medium to express their personality. But on the other side of the spectrum are those who feel insecure about their fashion choices and feel distressed about the prospect of dressing up. If you are one of the people in the latter category, you are not alone. We all lack confidence
from time to time. Here are some tips to feel comfortable and confident in your fashion choices:

Embrace your body type

It is high time that we broke out of the ridiculous beauty standards and idealisation of the Kardashianesque boy type sold to us by cosmetic companies and social media. All body types are beautiful. Learning to dress in a way that highlights your best features will drastically improve your confidence. Follow those influencers who look like you and imitate their style in the beginning, and before you know it, you will learn how to perfectly dress for your body type.

Stick with basics and classics

We are all familiar with those days when we feel like there is nothing to wear. Basics and classics are the answer to all your fashion conundrums. You can never go wrong with a basic outfit like a white t-shirt and blue jeans or classic pieces like a vintage jacket or a retro
t-shirt. Both men and women will look good in vintage clothes. You can buy them at reasonable prices too if you choose to buy second-hand clothes and gently used vintage clothes

Fake it till you make it

More than imitating confidence, this advice is about not caring too much about others’ opinions about your fashion choices. Being comfortable and wearing what you love is more important than following any trend on the internet. You don’t have to break the bank by buying expensive clothes to fit in with the crowd if your actual love is thrifting. Prioritise being yourself over transient trends.

You can find all the staples you need to look fashionable at Fashion Rerun. Come and take a look at our collection.

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Get Your Retro Clothes Here. Get Your Order Now

March 11, 2022

If you are looking for retro clothes, you are at the right place. We provide the best quality retro outfits to our clients at the price they can afford. Fashion rerun has the best collection of retro outfits online, and we can serve you better than any other store. Let’s see how we can help you.

Best quality thrift clothes online

Finding parking in shopping malls is very time-consuming, and if you want to buy retro clothes, that will  take even more time. Fashion Rerun is an online store that offers the best quality thrift clothes online. You can access hundreds of retro fashion products and choose according to your taste. Outfits are divided into different categories for the ease of our clients.

Buy sustainable clothes and save your environment.

Everyone is concerned about the environment these days. It is the responsibility of every individual to play his role in the protection of the environment, and buying sustainable clothing is one way to save our resources. When you buy secondhand clothes online, you save raw materials used to make new clothes. You also save the fuel which might have been used for your trip to the market. So, buying
clothes online saves your money and save the environment as well.

Order secondhand clothes online

Everyone cannot go to market. Some women have to wait for the vehicle. It’s difficult for the elderly and disabled as well. Young men and women are also busy with their jobs and have no time to go to the market. Fashion Rerun offers secondhand clothes online. You can place the order from the comfort of your home. You can buy all kinds of clothes, including vintage Harley T-shirts online.

Final Thoughts

Fashion Rerun offers a wide variety of retro clothes online. You can get the best quality clothes at the best price at your doorsteps.

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Best Eco – friendly Fashion Brands

January 22, 2022

Everyone is concerned about the environment these days, and that is why we hear a lot about eco- friendly products. The fashion industry also protects the environment, and brands are conscious of an eco-friendly approach. You can find several fashion brands which claim that they produce products that are safe for the environment one way or the other. Let’s see how different fashion brands work for the

Apply environment-friendly practices

Some top-rated brands like  “Tentree ” claim to plant ten trees for every product they sell. The company manufactures activewear for women and men. Similarly, some manufacturers follow no plastic policy and use only natural materials for manufacturing and packaging their products.

Upscaling old clothes

Brands like “Vetta” believe in upcycling fabrics. Designers use vintage clothing and upcycle them to make new ones. They use styles and motifs from retro clothing and reuse them according to new trends. Famous brands sell women’s jumpsuits and rompers online, manufactured from gently used clothes but look like the new dress. Upcycling second-hand clothes also generate a lot of jobs for locals.

Redesign for sustainable use

Some fashion brands call themselves sustainable, as they produce good quality products with a very long life. After using them for years, people can sell them to thrift clothing stores. When you see Harley T-shirts for men and women jumpsuits at thrift stores, you can tell people have used them for years, and they still look good. Thrift sweaters for men and used jerseys for boys are the best examples of this.

Final Thoughts

Top fashion brands are conscious about the protection of the environment, and it also helps them save some taxes. You can shop from these brands to support eco-friendly practices. Protect the environment by buying preloved clothes and outfits, as it saves a lot of resources utilized to make new clothes. Save your money and environment by shopping from thrift stores.