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Improving Your Style: How to Learn More About Fashion

July 28, 2022

Fashion reflects our mindset. That’s why it is always advised to dress for the job that you want rather than to dress for the job you currently have. Believe it or not, fashion plays a huge role in our success. The way we dress and carry ourselves shapes other people’s perceptions about us including potential employers. Then the big question is how do we learn more about fashion and improve our style. Here are some tips to update your knowledge about fashion.

Consume Content

Watching runway shows and reading fashion magazines are the best ways to know more about current fashion trends. The more fashion content that you consume, the stronger your sense of style will be. You can easily recreate runway outfits using preloved clothes so
that you can look stylish under a budget.

Instagram is Your Bible

If Instagram can beat fast fashion and make thrifting popular among Gen Z, then it can lend a helping hand with improving your style. Follow fashion influencers and observe the way they style their outfits and imitate them in the beginning. Gradually over time, you
will develop your own personal style. Secondhand clothes are your saviour when it comes to recreating Instagram outfits. Everything you need from high-end vintage dresses to blouses and tops is available to thrift.

Dare to be Different

In the end, getting out of your comfort zone and having the courage to experiment with fashion will teach you far more about your style than any fashion magazine or influencer. It is time to whip out those retro t-shirts that you thought were too loud or that vintage jacket that you bought impulsively and try them out for once. Only through trial and error can we develop impeccable taste in fashion.

Fashion Rerun can help you experiment with your fashion on a budget. Come and check out our collection.

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Sustainable Fashion Challenge: Perfect OOTDs with Second-Hand Clothes

July 4, 2022

The internet is always on the lookout for the perfect outfit of the day (OOTD) ever  since the advent of Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Back in 2016 when hashtags were all the  rage, popular fashion bloggers and netizens used to post the outfits they wore on a particular  day with the hashtag #OOTD. Somehow this viral hashtag stood the test of time and is ever  so popular even today. But the real question is can we ace our OOTDs with pre-loved  clothes? The answer is yes. Let’s find out how. 

Keep it Simple 

The best way to look sophisticated is o keep it simple. It is high time that we bid adieu  to overconsumption and embraced minimalism. A good pair of vintage jeans from Calvin  Klein, Levi Strauss or Tommy Hilfiger paired with a classy retro t-shirt or vintage jacket is a  safe and simple option on days you are confused about what to wear. 

Mix and Match 

It is important to keep an open mind when it comes to fashion. Mixing and matching  various clothes will let you come up with numerous looks with a few outfits at hand. Mixing  your vintage blouses and tops with a new pair of jeans and sneakers can totally elevate your  look. 

Invest in Timeless Pieces 

Some wardrobe staples never go out of fashion. Invest your money in those unique  pieces that never lose their value. A retro Harley Davidson t-shirt or a vintage Ralph Lauren  jacket can knock it out of the park any day when it comes to OOTDs. Stand apart from the  crowd with the help of timeless classics. 

Fashion Rerun is the perfect place to find the answers to all your fashion needs. Come and  take a look at our carefully curated collection of vintage and retro clothes.

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Outfit to Inspire Your Going – Out Look This Winter

February 1, 2022

Winter is the year’s festive season, and everyone is conscious about winter outfits. If you are also wondering about your winter going – outlook, we have some suggestions for you. It will help you look stylish and classy in winter without compromising your practical needs. Fashion rerun is the ultimate choice for preloved clothes online if the outfits are expensive.

Vintage Hoodies and sweatshirts

The Winter season is not very long, and winter outfits are very expensive. So, buying vintage clothes is a great idea as Vintage clothing is always in fashion. Vintage hoodies and sweatshirts can be a perfect layer for your winter outlook. Used clothes stores offer a wide range of these outfits if you find new ones expensive. Harley clothes for men, including Harley T-shirts and sweatshirts, are available in thrift

Sweaters for a sunny day

Winter is when you have to say bye to cotton fabric and welcome woolen fabric to your closet. Thrift Sweaters are a must for a trendy winter look. Cropped or long, a wide range is available to give you different styles. People having limited clothing budgets can take advantage of thrift sweaters online. Used clothes stores have a variety of woolen sweaters to fulfill your needs.

Jackets are inevitable

Jackets are a must-have for a winter look, but they are also very expensive. Instead of one new jacket, you can get many from a secondhand clothes store within the same budget. They offer stylish jackets in various styles and colors at incredibly low prices.

Final Thoughts

Your winter outfit should be stylish and warm. Instead of spending your money to buy a single product, buy from a thrift store like Fashion rerun. Whether you are looking for used clothes Dubai or secondhand womens clothing, we have everything to quench your fashion thirst.