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Decoding Gen Z Fashion Trends: How to Get Those Looks with Thrifted Clothes

November 9, 2022

Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to keep up with trends. The biggest proponents of this ‘frugal yet chic’ philosophy are Gen Z. They are the single biggest demographic responsible for driving the second-hand fashion industry to new heights. They believe in sustainable fashion choices and unique looks created from one-of-a-kind outfits. Here are some tips to recreate the most popular Gen Z fashion aesthetics.

Go for Something Gender Neutral

Gen Z fashion is all about breaking stereotypes and discarding gendered clothing. In the Gen Z fashion bible, anyone can flaunt printed jackets and blazers as well as sleeveless tanks. Women are embracing the boss-babe looks with stylish suits while men are fearlessly flaunting bold-coloured outfits.

Tie-Dye is to Die for Be it t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts, Gen Z can’t seem to keep their hands off Tie- Dye clothing. You can buy them for affordable rates at any thrift or second-hand shop and instantly look effortlessly Gen Z!

Wide-Leg Denim & Bucket Hats

A signature pattern that you can see among Gen Z fashion looks is the love for wide- leg denim and bucket hats. Many Gen Z youth like to upcycle their old clothing into hats and bags to stay true to their sustainable lifestyle. You can find these reworked pieces at second-hand vintage stores.

Return of the Y2K 

To a great extent, Gen Z fashion is inspired by Y2K aesthetics but in a more sustainable way. Y2K sweaters, denim and athleisure outfits are still popular among Gen Z youth. So, it’s time to dust off those old Juicy Couture clothing and put it to good use.

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Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas: Simple Ways to Style Your Cargo Pants

November 2, 2022

The versatility of the Cargo pants is unparalleled. From its early beginning as a battle gear outfit to its incredible evolution as modern-day fashion wear, the history of this highly practical yet comfortable piece of legwear is simply astonishing. The adaptability of the cargo pants allows us to dress them up for a fancy look or dress it down for more casual and streetwear aesthetics. Shopping for second-hand cargo pants in thrift and vintage stores will help you get your hand on pants that are of a variety of fabric types, detailing, style and fit. Here are some simple ways in which you can style them.

Let the Cargos Shine

In Fashion, minimal styles often stand out strong and catch all the eyeballs. In the case of classic cargo pants from fashionable brands like Carhartt and Dickies, pairing them with a plain white t-shirt will draw even more attention to them and make you look put together.

Boots are Your Best Friend

Sometimes accessorizing your outfit is as important as the clothing itself. Vintage cargo pants from brands like Realtree are not everyone’s cup of tea because of the colour and the bold camo print. But you can still make it work by wearing stylish and sophisticated boots with them.

Layer to Slay the Look

Layering is always part and parcel of style experimentation. You can sport a streetwear look with cargo pants by layering it up with a hoodie or a puffer jacket. Meanwhile, opting for a cardigan or a leather jacket will instantly make you look luxurious. You can look as casual as possible with triple layering using a jacket, a hoodie and a shirt together during winter. All these styles will go well with a good pair of cargo pants.

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