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Winter Wear Fashion: How to Style Your Retro T-Shirts this Season

December 26, 2022

Winter is the time to pull out the fashion big guns like elegant faux fur coats, comfy fleeces, cute scarves and cosy mittens. But it’s not necessary that your favourite retro and vintage t-shirts have to take a backseat in your closet simply because it’s winter. There are many creative ways in which you can style your t-shirts which will make you look on fleek! In addition to that, you can keep your fashion sustainable throughout this winter by opting for second-hand retro t-shirts and layering them with other pre-loved or upcycled clothing items. Let’s find out how to look stylish this winter in your most loved retro t-shirts.

Pair them with unique jackets
There is no way you can avoid layering in winter. While bundling up, to put your favourite retro t-shirt in the spotlight, pair it with a jacket of your choice which compliments the style of your t-shirt. It can be a classic North Face puffer jacket, a vintage denim jacket or even a vintage Carhartt jacket which will instantly elevate the look of your t-shirt and keeps you warm at the same time.

Rock your oversized t-shirts
Oversized t-shirts will not only make you look cute but it is also the perfect choice for winter as there is more fabric to keep you cosy. You can wear pair them with fur coats and stockings for a bold look while wearing them with leggings and puffer coats will give you a more casual look.

Time to pull out the leather
Leather pants and leather jackets will amp up your style quotient like never before if you pair them with your retro t-shirts. You can refine your look even more with the help of combat boots and matching beanies. It will help you achieve streetwear aesthetics even in winter.

Fashion Rerun has a carefully curated collection of retro t-shirts which you can add to your wardrobe. Happy shopping!

cargo pants Fashion & Style vintage clothing Y2Kfashion

New Year, New You: How to Upgrade Your Fashion in 2023

December 21, 2022

We all look forward to New Year as it gives us an opportunity to start over and be better than last year. It gives us hope and makes us feel aspirational about all aspects of our life including the way we look. Welcoming 2023 by upgrading our fashion and style will act as the perfect confidence booster to achieve the rest of our new year goals as well. So here are some tips to improve your everyday fashion choices in the coming year.

Purge your wardrobe.
Start your year by discarding or donating clothes that don’t fit you anymore. Going through your closet will help you understand your style and you can decide on the new clothes that you need to buy. You can build a more minimal yet versatile wardrobe by shopping for second-hand clothes or through thrifting. That brings us to our next point
regarding sustainable fashion.

It’s time to go sustainable.
If you are someone who is yet to make the shift to sustainable fashion purchases, it is the right time to do so. Including more second-hand clothes in your wardrobe and upcycling the old pieces that you already own will reduce your carbon footprint and increase the lifespan of your clothes. Switching to sustainable fashion choices like thrifting and buying
second-hand clothes will encourage you to purchase outfits that last longer and can be worn on multiple occasions.

Be choosy while shopping.
The biggest fashion mantra that you should follow in 2023 is to choose quality over quantity. Instead of buying generic retail clothing that every other person is wearing, buy more vintage clothes and retro outfits. Vintage shirts, denim, vintage jackets and retro t-shirts can bring that much-needed oomph back into your style. If you want to join team Gen Z in terms of aesthetics, you can even add some classic Y2K outfits to your wardrobe.

Fashion Rerun is the right place to be if you are looking to buy quality second-hand outfits. Come check out our collection.

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Decoding Gen Z Fashion Trends: How to Get Those Looks with Thrifted Clothes

November 9, 2022

Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank to keep up with trends. The biggest proponents of this ‘frugal yet chic’ philosophy are Gen Z. They are the single biggest demographic responsible for driving the second-hand fashion industry to new heights. They believe in sustainable fashion choices and unique looks created from one-of-a-kind outfits. Here are some tips to recreate the most popular Gen Z fashion aesthetics.

Go for Something Gender Neutral

Gen Z fashion is all about breaking stereotypes and discarding gendered clothing. In the Gen Z fashion bible, anyone can flaunt printed jackets and blazers as well as sleeveless tanks. Women are embracing the boss-babe looks with stylish suits while men are fearlessly flaunting bold-coloured outfits.

Tie-Dye is to Die for Be it t-shirts, hoodies or sweatshirts, Gen Z can’t seem to keep their hands off Tie- Dye clothing. You can buy them for affordable rates at any thrift or second-hand shop and instantly look effortlessly Gen Z!

Wide-Leg Denim & Bucket Hats

A signature pattern that you can see among Gen Z fashion looks is the love for wide- leg denim and bucket hats. Many Gen Z youth like to upcycle their old clothing into hats and bags to stay true to their sustainable lifestyle. You can find these reworked pieces at second-hand vintage stores.

Return of the Y2K 

To a great extent, Gen Z fashion is inspired by Y2K aesthetics but in a more sustainable way. Y2K sweaters, denim and athleisure outfits are still popular among Gen Z youth. So, it’s time to dust off those old Juicy Couture clothing and put it to good use.

Fashion Rerun has a wide variety of options when it comes to recreating Gen Z fashion trends. Come check out our collection and find your next best outfit.