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What Vintage Fashion Says About Your Personal Style

May 21, 2022

Vintage fashion is eternally classy in all fashion circles. Every year, contemporary fashion designers launch special collections featuring vintage dresses targeting fashion enthusiasts. This popularity and demand for vintage clothing stand testimonial to the fact that
its charm is unparalleled. So, it’s quite natural that all fashion lovers tend to gravitate toward tasteful vintage clothes and try to embody them in their style. Let us see how integrating vintage fashion into your wardrobe influences your sense of style and what it says about your

Your style is versatile

Wearing vintage outfits and carrying them with confidence demands a versatile sense of style. You have to be creative enough to mix vintage pieces with modern items to make them look less costumey and more graceful instead.

Your style is sustainable

Sustainable clothing is the new motto of the fashion world and vintage clothing is the perfect flag bearer for this eco-friendly movement. There is no new material being used as vintage items are clothing that stood the test of time and the wastage is minimal. The carbon
footprint of vintage clothes is mainly associated with their transportation.

You value quality over quantity

If you are a vintage lover, then hoarding clothes is not your style. You are a person who prefers to buy good quality clothing over cheap and inferior outfits that will get damaged quickly.

Your style is unique

You stand apart from the crowd with your unique wardrobe of classic vintage dresses to vintage t-shirts and vintage sweatshirts. Be it casual or classy, your outfit choices are memorable and one of a kind. Lastly, online vintage stores like Fashion Rerun must be your favourite hangout place because of the vast collection of vintage goodies. If not, come and take a look at our collection!

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Second-hand clothes 101: The Essential Guide

May 17, 2022

The majority of us are familiar with the infinite loop of buying new clothes every season and still end up feeling like we have nothing to wear. Our never-ending shopping sprees seem to be futile despite breaking the bank over expensive branded outfits. Unless we can curb this habit of overconsumption, our environment will keep paying the price. But there is a new generation of fashion enthusiasts who have embraced secondhand fashion and overlooks traditional retailers and fast fashion. Here are some tips to shop for second-hand clothes like a pro:

Have a game plan
Make a list of the clothing items that you need before you go shopping. Having a list of the outfits and colours that are missing from your wardrobe and searching for them specifically will keep you on a mission and prevent you from getting distracted by other choices.

Learn to say no.
It’s hard to resist the allure of cheap prices but be picky and learn to say no to outfits that you don’t need. Buying an outfit just because the price is so low is not a wise choice. Make better money decisions even if you are buying sustainable clothes.

Good things take time.
Patience is key when it comes to shopping for preloved clothes. You may not always find the outfits that you are looking for but trust the process and you will be able to build a sustainable yet fashionable wardrobe in no time.

Try Online
Newbies who are just stepping into the world of secondhand clothes and sustainable clothing can try online shopping first before going to offline thrift stores. Online sustainable fashion stores like Fashion Rerun lets you comb through various categories, sizes, brands and price ranges within minutes.

Come and take a peek at our collection!


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The Paradox of Choice: How to Avoid Bad Purchases.

May 2, 2022

We are living in a world of endless choices. There is no end to the number of clothes that you can buy and hence, we often end up with hundreds of outfits in our wardrobe that we don’t even wear. Sometimes, we make purchases just because something is on sale.

All these bad purchase decisions and the overabundance of choices are having an impact on our environment along with our wallets. Being a smart shopper and making sustainable fashion choices is not just easy on your wallet, it’s easy on the planet too. Let’s take a look at some tips to avoid bad purchases and overconsumption.

Declutter your wardrobe

Organizing your wardrobe every couple of months will help you identify what are the essentials you need to buy. This will help you avoid buying brand new clothes unnecessarily. Donate the clothes that no longer fit you and replace them with more practical and staple pieces.

Wants Vs Need

Avoid impulsive purchases and draw a clear distinction between your wants and your needs. Your needs are clothes that you absolutely need to function while your wants are the outfits that you wish to have. Always prioritise your needs over your wants.

Find pre-loved clothes

Buying pre-loved outfits or branded thrift clothes will help you look chic without overburdening our planet. Shopping for used clothes online will not only save you from making bad purchases but will also help you to build a wardrobe full of unique pieces that will set you apart from the crowd.

Build a capsule wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are a collection of minimal yet useful and interchangeable pieces of clothing out of which you can create hundreds of looks. You can start building your capsule wardrobe by buying some classic vintage outfits that instantly make you look fancy and sophisticated. Retro clothes, neutral basics, trench coats, basic trousers and jackets are all capsule-wardrobe essentials.

Fashion Rerun is dedicated to the cause of sustainable clothing that lets our planet breathe easy and keeps you fashionable round the year. Come and shop from our carefully curated collections.